RUSSO is a strategic branding and communications firm based out of Lafayette, Louisiana. Here, we use consumer insight to develop branding and marketing initiatives that effectively change the conversation – forming emotional connections between brands and consumers.



Ochsner Health System is one of the largest independent academic health systems in the United States and Louisiana’s largest nonprofit health system. So it goes without saying that in Louisiana, Ochsner has no problem with brand awareness. Read More…

After more than half a century, regional construction company Manuel Builders suddenly became overrun by national companies known for using cheap materials, while caring little for the communities they served. Read More…

Lafayette City-Parish Consolidated Government (LCG) came to RUSSO with the need to launch a safety campaign for the Lafayette Metropolitan Planning Organization’s (MPO) Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety and Healthy Community Education Program. Read More…



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    Recruiting Top Talent Could Mean Everything to Your Brand

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  • Hello 2018

    Hello 2018

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    3 Ways to Evolve Your Brand in the New Year

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At RUSSO, our philosophy is directly related to our process, which we call Razor Branding™. Razor Branding develops brands from the inside out, establishing a series of branded touchpoints that form emotional connections with the consumer. Developing these connections relies heavily on understanding the psychographics of consumer behavior, and not just demographic profiles that rarely tell the whole story.

Understanding perceptions, attitudes, beliefs, and the lifestyles of our clients’ consumers better position us to develop messaging that motivates individuals and best meets their needs – regardless of industry, size, location, or category.


Razor Branding works towards three primary goals at all times: Focus, Connection, and Harmony.

FOCUS- We identify your audience.  Then we use psychological profiling to discover what they think and how they feel. We get to know them personally — right down to what motivates them.

CONNECTION- We learn what resonates with your audience. Then we use your most unique qualities to bridge their wants with what you deliver.

HARMONY- We create a system of branded touchpoints for circulating your message through the right channels.




RUSSO is made up of marketing, advertising, communications and branding professionals from all over the country – having worked in diverse markets such as, Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, Nashville and Seattle. At our Louisiana offices, we like to refer to ourselves as “Boomerangers” – those individuals who left the state for a time, only to return with a renewed passion for their home. We believe this gives us a unique perspective on what our area has to offer, as well as the national experience to work within any market.



Welcome to our library of all things Branding. Here, you’ll find useful information on a wide variety of topics, including; branding, marketing, social media, media management and even advice and tips for small businesses. Feel free to have a look around, and download as many of our eBooks as you like. Then, shoot us an email with any questions you might have. We would love to hear from you.