Changing the Conversation on Back to School

Back to school ads are an annual right of passage.  There are ads for school clothes, school shoes, school supplies, school bags, and school cars.  For months we are all subjected to a barrage of ads about the latest sneakers, pens, and trapper keepers.  Whether the ad is for Walmart or Target or Office Depot, they all seem to sort of blend together.
But when it comes to building your brand, you don’t want to blend in.  You have to stand out.  Check out this back to school ad to see how they do it.
How’s that for a surprise twist / punch in the gut…
When we talk about ‘building brands that change the conversation’, this is what we mean.  How can you tell your story in a way that’s different?  How can you break through the clutter and differentiate your organization?  When you focus on building your brand, look for ways to tell your story in a different way.
If you need some ideas on how to do that, check out our Brand Builders Workshops for a topic and date that works for you.
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