Alex Scott

Brand Developer

What country song best describes you? Chris Janson, “Better I don’t,” Usually, I get myself in trouble for the good or the bad things I find myself getting in to. So it’s probably “Better I don’t,“ just ask my wife Jenn! She’s a saint for putting up with my pranks these last 20 years.

Have you ever stolen anything? Steal?!? Heck, no! Let me explain it this way, when I was 9-years-old I got kicked off my little league team because I wouldn’t steal 3rd base.

What would your last meal in prison be? Ackee and Codfish: Being born in Kingston, Jamaica and raised by mom, who was a terrific cook, I enjoyed the National Dish of the country, Ackee and Codfish. It’s a terrific meal and that’s how I’d want to go out.

Impressive Stuff: Alex is heading up RUSSO’s Nashville, TN office. He is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience. Alex spent more than 10 years in the hospitality industry gaining great experience with top hoteliers including Marriott, Hilton, and Intercontinental Hotels Group. He spent four years with Micros leading the implementation of POS systems in nearly 150 local and national restaurants. Besides the hospitality industry, Alex served as Regional Manager for a global, Fortune 500 company with responsibility for fifteen specialty retail stores throughout Middle Tennessee and Kentucky. His experience is leading the way to new opportunities in growing markets.