At RUSSO, we’ve developed campaigns and branding initiatives for hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and health systems from Minnesota to Louisiana.  Here, we believe in the promise behind the brand, and in healthcare, nothing matters more than the promise you make to your patients every day. 

Our team has helped develop work for every service line imaginable, from babies to oncology to Home Health. But what makes what we do truly unique is our process, which we call RAZOR BRANDING™.  RAZOR BRANDING utilizes patient insight in order to develop strong emotional connections with your community. 

Let us help you define and fulfill your promise, which will in turn,
help you better connect with the people you serve.



  • Lafayette General Medical Center, a non-profit community based hospital and regional healthcare system, wanted to get a better return on their advertising investment.  In addition, a $70M remodel of the hospital was being overshadowed in the media by a new $220M dollar hospital being built across town. In order to change the conversation, we developed a targeted media buy that was supported by consumer based messaging and a creative campaign unlike anything the consumers in that area had ever seen.

    The Results:

    Decreased spending by 18% while increasing the reach and frequency by 34% and the CPP dropped 61.21%.  Total patient volume has increased and is on pace to exceed the previous fiscal year by 9.53%.


  • Ochsner, a regional healthcare institution based in New Orleans, needed help developing and branding their King Cake Festival – an inaugural event created to bring awareness and raise money for their new NICU at their Ochsner Baptist locations. With a mix of print, TV, radio, and online, RUSSO helped build awareness for the festival in an already crowded Crescent City event season.

    The Results:

    Ochsner hoped to have 3,000 people attend the inaugural event but more than 12,000 participated – exceeding expectations by more than 400%.

    The success of this initial fundraising event, led to the development of several other major branding initiatives surrounding their fundraising efforts.


  • As a nonprofit home health provider, Evangeline home Health was facing stiff competition from major corporations moving into the communities they served. Without the deep pockets to go head-to-head with traditional advertising, a thought leadership campaign was designed by RUSSO.

    The Results:

    “I wanted to personally take a moment to first thank you for the branding and image you helped to create for Evangeline. It has been a tremendous success and has done exactly as we intended when we first met…it changed the conversation and it did that FOREVER! I am so grateful.

    Over the last 2 years we have almost doubled the number of patients we care for. Its been amazing. I dont know what our future holds but I’m confident it will be awesome and built upon the amazing work you and your team did for us.”

    Lisi Coleman, RN, BSN
    CEO – Evangeline Home Health


  • Lakewood Health System is an independent, integrated rural healthcare system, located in the city of Staples. Comprised of a 25-bed Critical Access Hospital and primary care clinics in Staples, Browerville, Eagle Bend, Motley and Pillager, Lakewood was in need of improved messaging, creative, brand standards and media strategy to compete against out of state facilities with larger budgets.

    The Results:

    (As of 3Q following launch)

    • An increase in overall marketshare
    • An increase in mammography screenings – up 10.9% thru June
    • An Increase in general surgery activity – up 43.86% thru June


  • With increased competition in their marketplace, Central Louisiana Surgical Hospital was seeing a dramatic drop in patient census. A brand assessment showed patient satisfaction was high but there was a complete lack of awareness of the quality of the facilities and the almost hotel-like quality of care. RUSSO created a campaign called Hospital Meets Hospitality.

    The Results:

    Central Louisiana Surgical Hospital increased brand awareness through traditional and social content created to spotlight their quality of care. In addition, their overall surgical procedures have continued to increase since the campaign launch.

Healthcare Branding 101

If you’re a CEO, CMO or community relations specialist in the Healthcare industry, you probably spend a lot of your time trying to figure out how to not only reach your target audience but where to find them. Fortunately, there are some relatively easy ways to figure out the answers to these questions, but not until you first understand more about your audience.