Jordan Dugas

Brand Developer

Best concert you’ve ever been to? Foo Fighters at House of Blues in New Orleans. It was a last minute show announcement and it sold out in some crazy small amount of time, like negative .2 seconds. I was about 20 feet back from the stage and sang my little heart out.

What would your last meal in prison be? First of all, I would never be in prison, I’m way too well behaved for that. (Right, Mom?) Last meal: a little Sweet Baby Breesus slider from French Press, my husband’s gumbo, a slice of T-Rex pizza from Deanos and some Smoked Fried Chicken from Social.   I stay hungry.

What is your ideal date? Bike ride through Lafayette on a pretty day, stopping at different patios for drinks. What would make it even more ideal is if I manage to not fall off of my bike…for once.

Impressive stuff: Jordan brought a decade of experience to RUSSO with an extensive background in event planning and marketing. She has a Public Relations degree from Louisiana State University and is originally from Lafayette. Jordan says the chance to work so close to home is exciting but it’s the culture at RUSSO that drew her in. She joined the team as a Brand Manager in 2016 and works to build relationships with clients and the community.