Leah Richard


Best concert you’ve ever been to? Late 90’s Aerosmith in NOLA. Sat front row, touched Steven Tyler became convinced I was carrying his child. I was not, but it was still a hell of a show.

What would your last meal in prison be? All of the cheesecake, everywhere.

Impressive stuff: Leah was born and raised in south Louisiana and is a graduate of Louisiana State University. She worked as a journalist for 13 years in markets around the country; she has truly loved her coast to coast experience. Leah has covered political events, disasters, human interest stories and just about anything else her editors assigned her to; her work has been featured on networks like CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, CNN, and CNN International. Leah now makes her living as a professional writer/copywriter and has been featured in print media and online publications both nationally and internationally. She enjoys her work with RUSSO because of the atmosphere and work ethic of her office and, like journalism, every day is a bit different.