At RUSSO, our philosophy is directly related to our process, which we call Razor Branding™. Razor Branding develops brands from the inside out, establishing a series of branded touchpoints that form emotional connections with the consumer. Developing these connections relies heavily on understanding the psychographics of consumer behavior, and not just demographic profiles that rarely tell the whole story.

Understanding perceptions, attitudes, beliefs, and the lifestyles of our clients’ consumers better position us to develop messaging that motivates individuals and best meets their needs – regardless of industry, size, location, or category.


Razor Branding works towards three primary goals at all times: Focus, Connection, and Harmony.

brandingFOCUS defines that one differentiating and powerfully compelling quality that makes brands razor sharp.

advertisingCONNECTION establishes the “voice” or message of the brand, making it the preferred choice over the competition.

marketingHARMONY works to identify and develop a series of branded touchpoints that establish trust with the audience.