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No one had “global pandemic, stock market crash, and negative price for oil” as a line item in the strategic marketing plan for 2020.

The ramifications to businesses are far reaching and will impact marketing initiatives for years to come

Cary, NC/United States- 04/04/2020: The Yard House displays a si

With sales reps grounded, trade shows canceled, face-to-face meetings going virtual, and the end of handshakes, companies are required to become pretty inventive to continue to build their company’s brand.

This ‘new normal’ puts even more pressure on branding, strategic marketing plans, websites, digital marketing, and social media.


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brandRUSSO is a strategic branding agency – and as a branding agency, we are believers. Here we believe in the promise behind the brand, and that by changing the conversation we can inspire and motivate consumer behavior, regardless of industry, size or location.