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The Five Rs of Branding, brandRUSSO

There are many variations of brand principles in existence. At RUSSO, we call them the “5 R’s.”

These branding principles help to break down the confusion and misunderstandings that often surround what branding actually is, giving you the insight in how to incorporate the power of branding into your existing marketing efforts.






At RUSSO, everything begins with the 5 R’s

On the surface, the 5 R’s are a collection of branding principles. Beneath the surface, they provide an opportunity for you to better connect with your audience on an emotional level. Without a clear understanding of your audience and how to best reach them, you are just hoping for the best – and hoping for the best rarely ends well when it comes to advertising. The 5 R’s provides a road map for not only identifying your audience, but also how to uncover your own unique promise – the key to building loyalty and eventual advocacy for your brand.

the five R's of branding

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brandRUSSO is a strategic branding agency – and as a branding agency, we are believers. Here we believe in the promise behind the brand, and that by changing the conversation we can inspire and motivate consumer behavior, regardless of industry, size or location.