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RUSSO is a Strategic Branding Agency – and as a branding agency, we are believers. Here we believe in the promise behind the brand, and that by changing the conversation we can inspire and motivate consumer behavior.

Through the use of consumer insight, we develop branding initiatives for our clients that form emotional connections with their target audience. We accomplish this by changing the conversation to better position our clients within the marketplace.

Launched in 2001 by CEO Jaci Russo and Chief Creative Officer Michael Russo, brandRUSSO has grown to include a diversified client roster including experience with a wide variety of industries from coast to coast. Our branding process, Razor Branding™, permeates all levels of marketing, advertising, digital and social media giving us a unique advantage in first identifying our client’s target audience, then developing messaging, strategies, and creative that builds awareness, loyalty, and advocacy.

Our team structure is unlike most agencies because our departments serve and benefit one another. Here, we believe in the dynamic of branding being equal parts creative and strategy. So we structured our company to play to the strengths of that duality.

Our Team

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