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"He Said, She Said", Jaci Russo, Michael Russo, He Said She Said, brandRUSSO

In He Said, She Said: Branding, the husband and wife team of Jaci and Michael Russo share what they’ve learned over their combined decades of experience working in branding and with each other. Through their unique voices, you’ll learn about tried-and-true branding best practices and even get an inside look into how their agency has continued to help businesses from coast to coast thrive for the past 20 years.

Between barbs, branding, and brave explorations, the Russos present an adventurous lesson like you’ve never experienced, delivered by the masterminds of an award-winning agency that’s transformed brands inside-out time and time again.



She got her start working with A-list actors Hollywood. Today, Jaci is a brand strategist, author, radio host, and one-half of the founding team behind brandRUSSO. With 25 years of branding and marketing experience on a national level, Jaci is a sought after speaker on the topics of branding and social media.



He is an award-winning art director, copywriter and designer that began his career in Seattle. Michael has a talent for capturing the voice, character and personality of businesses through their messaging – helping to transform them into strong and relatable brands.


Jaci and Michael Russo’s book, He Said, She Said: Branding, explains better than anyone else how to take the equal parts of creative design and marketing strategy to create and appealing brand. The book not only communicates the importance of branding, but how to apply these branding principles into traditional and more accepted methods of advertising. It articulates a unique process, a five-phase methodology that provides marketing practitioners a clear-cut branding roadmap. This book is an easy read and is filled with practical advice and personal examples of their dynamic process for branding. As a business development consultant to over 450 advertising agencies across the US, Canada and Europe, Jaci and Michael are two of the best branding experts that I’ve ever worked with. I highly recommend their book.” – Michael Gass, Founder and Owner of Fuel Lines Business Development

“It doesn’t matter who said it, you have to dive into this book for a fun and informative exploration of personal and professional brand building filled with actionable anecdotes. Love the Russo Five Rs technique! And that’s what I say.” – Park Howell, The World’s Most Industrious Storyteller and Founder of The Business of Story

“The intriguing “he said, she said” tango between Michael and Jaci give their audience an inside look into over 20 years of creativity and strategy. They make the critical connection that a brand is about…connection. By sharing their story, Michael and Jaci exemplify the importance of being relatable, which makes He Said, She Said: Branding a shining example of how to capture your target audience. Often misled by branding myths, entrepreneurs typically ask the wrong questions in their customer discovery process. He Said, She Said: Branding debunks these myths and provides the right questions to validate customer perception. Additionally, Michael and Jaci define not only what a brand is—but most importantly, what it is not. Spoiler alert: it is not a logo.” – Destin Ortego, Executive Director of Opportunity Machine

Ying and Yang is a concept of dualism. The proven idea that two opposite things can complement each other. Nothing better describes the relationship of Michael & Jaci. They give rise to each other professionally by connecting yet being interdependent. What a great read on making a marriage work, at work. – Michele & Sean Ezell, Founders and Owners of Tsunami Restaurants (Lafayette, New Orleans, Baton Rouge)